Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Who Are Eligible Under DACA?


You must submit evidence showing that:


  1. UNDER AGE OF 31: as of June 15, 2012
  2. YOUR AGE UPON ARRIVAL:  before 16TH  birthday.
  3. FIVE (5) YEARS OF CONTINUOUS RESIDENCY: since June 15, 2007 up to the present (exception: BCI : “Brief, Casual, and innocent if it occurred prior to August 15, 20112)
  4. YOUR STATUS AS OF JUNE 12, 2012

lawful status expired,  OR

entered as EWI (entered without inspection).

  1. PHYSICAL PRESENCE: in theU.S.on June 15, 2012 and at time of application.
    • Education:  currently in school, graduated or completed HS, obtained  General education, Certification (GED), OR
    • Veteran of US Armed Forces/Coast Guard:  (Honorably discharged)




Significant Misdemeanor, or

Three (3) or more misdemeanors


Q? What is DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?


Deferred Action is a DISCRETIONARY determination to defer removal of action of an individual as an act of prosecutorial discretion. (DHS)


”DACA” IS NOT Amnesty:

  • Applicants don’t get any “green card” or other document showing a legal right to be in theU.S.
  • Applicants have no “legal rights” to remain in the country (just a temporary pledge not to deport them)
  • Applicants cannot sponsor family members
  • Applicants may not travel abroad without Advance Parole
  • DACA does not guarantee “immunity” from deportation (because purely “discretionary”, may be revoked anytime).


What “DACA”  simply provides:

  • A temporary two-year relief from deportation (“Deferred” for Now) for unauthorized youth immigrants
  • Ability to  obtain a federal work permit

Q? What does FALDEF stand for?


FALDEF stands for Filipino-American Legal Defense & Education Fund.

Q? How much is the filing fee for DACA?


Please note that DACA Fees (money order payable to USCIS) is ONLY  $465.00. ( This already includes the $ 85 for Biometrics and $380 for Work Authorization). FBI Check, which is optional (money order payable to FBI) is $18.

Q? What is the “status” of approved DACA Applicants?


DACA gives them the right to work in the United Statesbut not the right to legally  stay  in the United States.   (e.g. a person under removal orders can be granted work permits in certain circumstances)

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