JT S. Mallonga

JTS Mallonga, Esq., Immediate Past President

Service is what life is all about. The truth of this statement permeates Atty. Mallonga’s lifetime of service to both clients and community in his capacity as Lawyer, Community Organizer and Pro Bono Legal Advocate.

Atty. J.T. S. Mallonga is a law partner, Vice-National Chair for National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) and former President of Filipino American Legal Defense and  Education Fund, Inc. 

 His three decades of legal experience runs the gamut. In his earlier years he served as a young trial attorney with the Office of the General Corporate Counsel at the  Phil. Dept. of Justice. It was a position he was recommended to because of having ghost-written the law textbook of Justice Gopengco entitled “The Compendium of Commercial Laws”.


  He forayed into the corporate world as the  Deputy Chief Counsel of Eastern Telecommunications. It was his tenure in the 1980’s that the firm experienced its decade of milestones as they built and operated the largest cable system in Southeast Asia. His presence was instrumental in the success of organization going through its most activity in its multi-lateral projects with other ASEAN and western telecom firms; intense representation before governmental bodies; active liaison work in Congress and frequent litigation amongst competitors before courts and regulatory commissions.


 As a private practitioner who has been practicing law in New York city for 20 years,  he is currently a partner in the firm Abad Constancio & Mallonga, LLC. Having been voted as the Managing Partner, his primary responsibilities cover all myriad functions of the organization besides the making sure all state and federal compliance requirements on behalf of foreign and domestic clients are taken care of. At one point, he was in-charge of handling the operations for three law offices. Prior to this, he had his own law firm, JTS Mallonga & Associates, for a decade wherein he focused on immigration, particularly those dealing with foreign investors and deportation defense.


 All of the above have lent themselves to the dynamic and powerful leadership that Atty. Mallonga’s brings to his vocation in community service. Due to his presence and tenacity, it was during his tenure with NaFFAA, in which he currently serves his second term as National Vice-Chair, that the U.S. Congress finally, after many decades, recognized and gave benefits to the Filipino World War II veterans. His strong and continued advocacy for the DREAM Act and for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform is relentless.


 He also continues to serve as appointed member of the NJ Ethnic Advisory Board. Originally selected by Gov. Jim Mcreevey, he was re-appointed by Gov. Jon Corzine and continues to serve under Gov. Christie.


 As President of FALDEF, his continues to have an impressive and stellar record for being able to get the release of those in held in detention centers, both on the Eastern and Western seaboard. His leadership has created a ground breaking partnership with the Philippine Consulates of the United States  thereby empowering the Filipino Americans all over the country due to a combination of excellent pro-bono legal assistance and bar none community outreach accessible to all.


  Atty. Mallonga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and a law degree from Ateneo de Manila University.  He is licensed to practice both in New York City and the Philippines.